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About Us was founded in 2022 as a brokerage firm but has many years of industry experience. Learn more about our beginnings.


Our Story

hero is a brokerage firm that began life under the ‘Dimension’ brand in late 2022. It is founded by Andy Booth, a domain investor with over 20 years of industry experience.

Booth decided to start Dimension with a view to expansion and to offer up his experience to other people who need assistance on either the buy or sell side. We later re-branded to

Andy has been involved in some of the industry’s biggest transactions and has personally closed well into the 9-figures worth of domain deals.

Andy works alongside several people at and is actively training and educating to help give a future to others in the space.

Rest assured that with Booth, you can relax knowing that the team will give it their all to accomplish your goals.

To reach out, send us an email to