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Our article on how domains have unlimited potential.

Domain Strategy

Booth.com is buying a number of 3 letter .com domains.

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You may have arrived on Booth.com by typing in a specific domain name and being re-directed to this page. If you are just navigating the Booth.com website, click here to find out more about why choosing the right domain name may be a monumental decision.

Due to the sheer volume of domain names owned by our company, we cannot attribute the time to developing all of them. Some are in development while others are being shelved until the right moment.

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If you would like to view our portfolio of domains, click here. Not all our domains are listed, so if you cannot find information pertaining to the domain you are interested in, send us an email.


Booth.com was created in part to help educate those who are considering investing in the world of online; specifically domain names.

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