Domain names are one of the hottest commodities on earth, but much of the world is still oblivious to their limitless potential. The power of having an exact match domain is huge. For example, if your company is called PES and you really want to distinguish yourself from the multitude of companies out there called PES, the place to start is by owning the exact match domain PES.com. Not only is it short and memorable, it is also descriptive of the company and cannot be replicated by any other business.

Domains in the .com extension have historically been the most popular and for this reason large numbers of the general public often assume a company's website address will be in the .com suffix based on years of worldwide marketing. This leads to direct web traffic from people typing the domain name, for example www.pes.com, directly into their browser.

Owning the correct domain name gives your company an edge over the competition. The inherent brand appeal is often overlooked in a quality generic .com domain, but its power cannot be disputed. For this reason, companies have spent a fortune acquiring their respective domain names, sometimes that define a genre. It is no coincidence that the Food Network owns Food.com or that AOL owns Games.com. There are numerous other examples.

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