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Domain Brokerage is an outstanding brokerage firm with experience in high-end domains and consistent good results.


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We specialize in only top-tier domain names. The best of the best. In general, these are either short domains, memorable words and in the .com TLD for their extensive use in commerce and culture.

Our role is to match companies with their dream domain that could have a profound impact on shaping their destiny.

Our team have done 9-figures worth of sales in the industry since inception and know what determines a great domain and what its approximate value is.

We have a significant network that we have built over the years and can assist in both finding a prospective buyer and reach out to owners to gauge their level of interest in a sale.

Why choose us? With Andy at the helm, we have helped many major companies acquire their brand. Andy has a nack of helping people achieve their goals when it comes to branding.

We will do all the work with negotiation and even offer up technical help where necessary. There's a reason we have done so much in sales volume over the years.

We are discrete, trustworthy and budget conscious.

Why choose to broker your domain?


Why choose us?

  • We reach out to the right companies in a respectable, careful way.
  • We take care of all aspects related to the domain so you don't need to worry.
  • Whether acquisition or sales, we go directly to the decision maker.
  • We have a fantastic, energetic team that will strive for success, and quickly.
  • We are one of the top sellers through and our track record speaks for itself.